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Bradsdadsland Campsite Is Looking For Campground Managers In British Columbia $$

Bradsdadsland CampsiteBradsdadsland Campground Hornby Island BC Canada has been operated by the same family for the past 40 years. Our waterfront, year-round 50-site Gulf Island family-oriented destination campground offers permanent employment opportunities on Hornby Island, British Columbia. Google hornbyisland.com and bradsdadsland.com for further information.

Our previous managers have tended to stay 5 to 10 years. The suggested yearly work schedule is variable, from 12 months a year to as little as 4 months a year, which in turn can vary from year to year. We accommodate a more varied live work experience than normal for those who prefer more freedom due to inclination or because they are semi-retired, which also better fits the culture of this off the beaten track part of the world.

A year-round campsite supplied with full 30-amp hook-up service for your personal RV is a provided benefit as part of the compensation. Or we can provide a suite.

We are looking for at least two individuals who can work closely together to share the workload, either as a couple or two unrelated co hosts.

A custom introductory letter explaining to us why and how you believe you and your skills, attitude and disposition would combine to be a good fit is required for a response. A standard employment history (resume for each person if this is a joint application) is also required.

Please email your introductory letter and resume to

Successful candidates should be comfortable with the following.

  • Using a lawn tractor, weed Wacker, wood splitter, general maintenance including cleaning of washroom facilities, shower, laundry building and campsites.
  • Taking direction balanced with ability to work independently.
  • A generally sunny disposition, as guests have always been warmly welcomed onto the campground because we happen to be happy to be here.
  • Working day, afternoon and evenings including weekends as guest numbers or staff situations vary from very quiet winter to mid summer high.
  • Operating the campground reservations and point of sale system.

Qualifications we are looking for.

  • Valid class 5 driver’s license a must.
  • Current first aid (level 1) preferred.
  • Direct previous campground maintenance and office experience preferred.
  • Fully Covid vaccinated a must.
  • Having your own RV is preferred.

Salary of CAD 2500 to CAD 3500 per month varies depending on aptitude, capability, responsibility, and experience. Because our living and work environment is more personal and less rigid compared to the average live work situation, we prefer to start with a familiarization period of at least one week to as long as a couple of months at the starting salary of $2,500 per month per person, so that you can become more familiar with the position, the campground, the community, the island and so that you can show us what your various abilities are before we come to agreement on long term compensation.



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