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Camp Lockett Event & Equestrian Facility Is Currently Accepting Applications For A Workcamper/ Camp Host For Our All Volunteer Team In California

Camp LockettThe Camp Lockett Event & Equestrian Facility (CLEEF), a unique campground and multiple-use facility located in eastern San Diego County.

Applicants must be willing to make at least a 4-month commitment of 25 weekly hours of volunteer time. In return, applicants will receive water, sewer, and electrical hookup for their travel trailer or motorhome.

Hosts should expect to use a variety of cleaning solvents and chemicals, power tools, hand tools, gardening instruments, farm machinery, etc. All tools and equipment should be maintained responsibly.

A high emphasis is placed on interacting with CLEEF’s guests; volunteers should always be professional and cordial, and must be able to accurately answer questions or refer guests to the appropriate person while understanding the facility’s chain of command. CLEEF’s hosts are expected to know, understand, and point out issues that violate CLEEF’s rules and regulations but are not to try and enforce these rules under any circumstance.

Maintaining a neat and clean host site is also a very important expectation for Hosts. Equally as
important is the requirement of all Hosts to work together as a team and be cordial and peaceable with all other Hosts and Staff. Hosts must maintain a neat personal appearance.

Key Responsibilities
Below is a list of some of the daily/weekly duties of CLEEF’s hosts:
•Clean restrooms daily and restock supplies. Monitor supplies throughout your shift on busy
•Perform minor maintenance and report any major problems to the CLEEF board.
•Empty trash cans.
•Water and trim trees and bushes.
•Clean BBQs and fire rings.
•Clean & rake campsites.
•Pick up litter.
•Check in campers, use a computer, answer phones, etc.
•Be available to answer questions relative to local camping conditions and regulations, give
•directions and hand out pamphlets.
•Assist CLEEF’s personnel in litter control for a clean and fire-safe campground.
•Feed and water cattle leased by the CLEEF
•Assists with repairs needed in the campground (i.e., painting, fence repair, mowing, weed
•clipping, etc.).
•Groom riding arenas on a biweekly basis.
•Other duties assigned as needed.

If interested please respond with resume and references to: camplockett@campocleef.org



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