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Cayoosh Creek Campground Is Looking For A Camp Host In British Columbia

Cayoosh Creek CampgroundHave you been searching for the perfect Camp Host position in one of the most remarkable settings of British Columbia? Being a Camp Host at Cayoosh Creek in Lillooet, B.C. could be the perfect position for you. Camp hosting is a rewarding and immersive experience for those who enjoy outdoor activities and interacting with campers. Here’s a breakdown of key aspects of the position:

Location: Cayoosh Creek Campground is situated in Lillooet, B.C. and is the Districts Municipal Campground. The area offers beautiful natural surroundings, providing a serene environment for campers.

Season and Duration: The camp hosting position spans from mid-May to Thanksgiving, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the warmer months and the beauty of fall in British Columbia.


Campground Maintenance:

  • Cleaning Sites: Ensuring that campsites are clean and ready for incoming campers.
    Washrooms and Showers: Regular cleaning and maintenance of these facilities for camper use.
  • Lawn Care: Keeping the campground grounds well-maintained.
  • Painting: Performing any necessary painting tasks to keep the infrastructure in good condition.
  • Guest Services:
    Checking Guests In: Welcoming and checking in campers, providing information about the campground rules and amenities.

    Creating a Safe Environment: Ensuring that the campground remains a safe and secure place for all guests.
    The campground uses a reservation system which the camp host will use to book guests. The position requires the Camp host to be proficient in computers and the internet.

  • Personal RV Requirement:
    The Camp Host is expected to have their own RV.
  • Camp Host Site Services:
    Services are provided at the Camp Host site, which includes water, electricity, and wifi (there is a Sani Station at the campground)
  • Proximity to Town:
    The campsite’s proximity to town is convenient, allowing Camp Hosts to access amenities and services when needed.
  • Cell Coverage:
    Having cell coverage is a practical aspect, enabling communication and staying connected with the outside world.

Qualities of a Camp Host:

  • Friendly and approachable demeanor for interacting with campers.
  • Strong organizational skills to manage campground tasks efficiently.
  • Self-sufficiency, as indicated by the requirement to have your own RV.
  • Basic maintenance and cleaning skills.
  • Knowledge of campground rules and regulations.

Overall, being a Camp Host at Cayoosh Creek is an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in nature, contribute to a positive camping experience for visitors, and enjoy the unique lifestyle of living in an RV within a beautiful outdoor setting.

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