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Eco-Friendly Camping Tips


Eco-Friendly Camping TipsArticle Contributed By
Chris Cole

Eco-Friendly Camping Tips

Eco-Friendly Camping TipsOne of the most significant trends is eco-friendly camping. So on your next trip back into nature, you can do your best and help nature by being more considerate in your approach to what impact you have.

Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to make your trip any less exciting or enjoyable, it means you are giving a little something back. After all, being at one with nature is why you are going camping in the first place.

Here are a few tips to make your next trip have a little lighter impact on the environment, and on yourself:

Ditch the Digitals

Many people are opting for a digital detox when they go camping. All you need is a phone for an emergency, yet all other electrical gadgets should be left at home. The kids might kick up a fuss to start, yet it gives the whole family chance to embrace the sights and sounds of nature. Now’s the time to pick up a good book and play some family board games.

Smarter Cooking

When you have decided where your next trip is going to be, you should seek out any local farm-produced veggies and produce. This will save trucks moving about spilling fumes into the atmosphere, and the local farmer’s market produce will taste better.

As for cooking, you can opt for a good old campfire or a “honey stove” which is a very popular stove. It might take a little longer to prepare dinner, yet it will give the kids a bit longer to play, and this little multi-fuel stove can be packed away flat for transport, so it’s ideal for backpacking trips.
If you have cooked anything in oil or fat and you’re looking where to dispose of it. Dig a small hole and line it with leaves, then pour the oil in and fill the hole. There will be no mess on the surface and it will all bio-degrade together.

Settle for Solar

It will be apparent you will need some form of light for the evening. Rather than pulling out the torches and lanterns that are crammed full of batteries. There are many solar options available on the market. All you have to do is leave your lamp or torch out in the sun and then it will be ready for you at night. You can also purchase small solar charges that are just the thing to keep your emergency phone topped up with juice.

Smelling Nice and Repelling Bugs and Sun

Rather than using man-made soaps and body washes, you can quickly make one at home and pour into a reusable bottle. There are many recipes you can find yet this one is simple to make and will leave you smelling lovely without leaving harmful chemicals draining into the earth.

2/3 of a cup castile soap
½ of a cup raw honey
2 teaspoon olive oil (jojoba or sweet almond oil can be used)
1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil
50 drops of your favorite essential oil

A natural recipe like this is not just good for the environment; it is all-natural so that it will be much better for your skin.

As much fun as camping is, there are pesky bugs and sunburn to think of. Most sun creams and insect repellants are toxic to the environment, yet it is possible to find many natural alternatives for both. If you are inclined and have a lot of eco-friendly camping trips, you can even make your own natural versions of both sunscreen and insect repellant.

Buy Used

If you are reading this as a beginner’s guide to camping and you wish to make the smallest impact on the environment and save yourself a little cash in the process. You can seek out second-hand equipment that might have only been used once or twice. Although it’s nice to have brand new equipment, yet you might find you can get better for cheaper. It sounds a good deal whichever way you look at it.

Take Pictures and Leave Footprints

No trace camping is the methodology that there is no sign of you being in your camping area when you have left. You should not leave any litter, smoldering fire pit, no broken bushes, or boulders that have been moved for seats.
Off the campsite, you should stick to any trails that are marked and never pick wildflowers or disturb the wildlife.

Eco-friendly habits should not be thrown out of the window because you are going camping. There’s no need for you to buy disposable plates or cutlery. There are more than enough options to choose from that are lightweight and reusable. For towels and cloth napkins which are too dirty. A breathable bag which to place them will keep them away from your other things and prevent smells.

Author Bio – Chris Cole writes at naturesportcentral.com. A blog dedicated to having fun outdoors and promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle.


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