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Fiesta Key KOA, Sunset Point

Fiesta Key KOA, Sunset Point – Celebrating the “Big Bang”
THE BIG BANG, By R.M. De Santi

Fiesta Key KOA, Sunset Point - Celebrating the "Big Bang"Besides a myriad of attractions in Key West, one, in particular, is watching the sunset at Mallory Square as entertainers perform to gathering crowds of spectators. There must be dozens of other viewing places nestled away between Fiesta Key and Hemmingway’s playground where folks get together to share the same camaraderie as the orange orb drops over the horizon.

However, as far as we know, none share “The Big Bang.” At Fiesta Key KOA, Sunset Point is the gathering place where spectators gather and witness the daily happening of nature’s beauty.

On Thursdays, Sunset Point offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments, various cheeses, great conversation amongst one another, and live music. At times, Mark La Borde, a KOA manager entertains the spectators while strumming his guitar with his soft Louisiana style charisma.

On rare occasions, Nancy from Housekeeping can be heard playing softly on her flute. If one listens closely, you can occasionally hear someone playing harmonica in the distance. In fact, anyone musically inclined can join in.

The festivities start at sunset as Bonnie La Borde, blows forcefully on a conch shell. Mark then plays the National Anthem on his guitar. Suddenly, calmness bestows the gathering as the spectators stand and face the sunset. Seconds after the Anthem is complete, “fire in the hole” is shout as Mark reaches down and pulls back a string that sets off Fiesta Key’s new Winchester 10 gauge canon.

With THE BIG BANG a flash and a roar, sunset is acknowledged by all and the festivities are welcomed in…

Sunset Point hours are 5 P.M. until 7 P.M. The spectacular view, cheese, conversation, and entertainment are free. Refreshments of beer, wine, and soft drinks are $1.00 and served to you by helpful staff. Staff members at times include Bonnie La Borde Marks wife, their two children Daniel and Melissa, Arlene, Leonard, Tim, Pat, and Nancy.



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