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Herky Huffman / Bull Creek Campground Has Volunteer Check Station Operator Position(s) In Florida

Herky Huffman / Bull Creek CampgroundThank you for your interest in our volunteer check station operator position(s) at Herky Huffman/ Bull Creek Wildlife Management Area in Saint Cloud, FL. To give you some more information about the job, this is not a typical “camp host” job. It entails checking hunters in and out of the WMA and handling harvested game animals to collect and record biological data (no experience required).

Some duties are physically demanding, such as pulling deer jawbones or lifting larger game. The required work is generally 32 hours/week, either two long 16-hour days or split up over several days. Volunteers work in exchange for free full RV hookups (electric, water, sewer).

We are in a remote location approximately 30 minutes from a substantial town and cell phone service can be spotty, depending on your carrier. We do not have year-round internet service at the check station, but volunteers are free to have it installed and are responsible for it while they are here.

Our hunting season runs from mid-September until the end of April, and includes holidays and weekends. The heaviest use of the Management Area occurs from September through December, and consequently, some preference may be given to people who can arrive early in the season and/or those that can stay the entire season through the Spring. That being said, we may also have opportunities for volunteers to work for a few months at a time if we can fill the whole time slot with other volunteers, so list any availability you may have.

To respond to this posting or request more information, email , or call (407) 498 – 0991.


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