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Homestead Outside Of Fairbanks, Alaska Is Looking For A Handy Worker $$

Homestead Outside Of FairbanksWe have a homestead just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. Looking for an adventurous and handy worker who enjoys off-the-grid living and is a handy type Lots of junk, and treasures, too, that need sorting and organizing. A few cabins need painting, windows put in or repaired, trails made and cleaned, firewood cut, and much, much more.

Requirements are self-sufficiency, self-starter, and enjoyment of the woods. Good until about mid-October, depending on the weather. Could be year-round, if the person is OK with off-grid living. $10 per hour, if you have an RV or OK with camping. A dry cabin might be available for a modest fee. Hours very flexible. More of an adventure than a job. A good way of enjoying Alaska and making a little money, too.

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