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Private Ranch In Texas Is Looking For A Work Camper Couple To Guard and Help With Work On Old House

Happy VagabondsTEXAS RANCH LIFE’ See the Moon and Stars like you never will in the Cities and hear the Coyotes, then Wake up and watch the deer.

I am looking RIGHT NOW for a Couple (I Mean A Man and a Woman) to live on my small Ranch just 50 miles West of San Antonio’s Loop 410, on Hwy 90, in YOUR Newer RV, to do labor for FHU ONLY. Please Understand, I Offer NO Salary.

I offer an RV pad, Electricity, Water, Septic tap, and WIFI.
I want a Couple who is pretty well ‘Settled’ and will live on my place, and ‘GUARD IT’ for me, and be with me for a while.
I have an old house that needs quite a bit of work done on it, for staying ‘Free’ on my place.

Please Understand, I cannot use a couple who lives on my ranch, but spends all their time in San Antonio. You need to ‘Guard’ my place.
I AM NOT an Uncaring, ‘Slave Driver’, I only expect from 15 to 20 hours of ‘Light Work’ a week for what I am offering, OR, What you believe is Fair for what I am offering you.

If I don’t believe you are being fair with me, we will discuss it, before we bid each other ‘adieu’.

I know it gets hot as Hell in the Summer in Texas and I Do Not expect you to work out in the heat. You can work on my house in the early mornings and late evenings when it’s cooler. I DO NOT want you having a dang ‘Heat Stroke’.

If this sounds appealing to you, Trading out Work for a Free Place to Live in your RV, please email me at harmoniipaul@gmail.com and we’ll discuss it further. I will need pictures of your RV.
I Await your email.

Best to you,
Paul Harmon


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