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Spokane Creek Cabins and Campground Is Looking For Several Work Camping Couples For Upcoming Season To Work In Various Positions In South Dakota $$

Spokane Creek Cabins and CampgroundHello and Welcome to Spokane Creek Cabins and Campground

We are a brother and Sister owned Campground in the Heart of the Black Hills of South Dakota. We are located on the infamous Iron Mountain Road which is becoming a go to destination all in itself. We are 11-miles from Mount Rushmore, 1-Mile from Custer State Park, 7-miles from Keystone South Dakota, 35-miles from Rapid City South Dakota. We are one of the few Full-Service Campground in the Black Hills offering all amenities from Swimming pool to propane, new this year is a state-of-the-art playground set, a beautiful new Shower house, Fishing Pond and 9 new full hook up RV sites, Café with Coffee bar, on site store as well as Gas and Diesel. We have nearly a hundred sites in total with 19-cabins and Spokane Creek running through the middle of the park. Our park backs up to the national forest and is the trail head for 3 advertised trails.

We am looking for several Work Camping couples to join us this upcoming season to work in various positions throughout the park. The list of positions are café workers, barista’s, retail store, housekeeping, maintenance. Duties included with each position are as follow but not limited to.

Café workers– A background in culinary arts is certainly helpful but not required. Our menu and preparation of all food is quite simple. Nearly all of our food is precooked with the exception of a few items with fresh home-made pizza being the staple. Included in the café is the coffee barista’s and again don’t be intimidated if you have never worked in a coffee shop, you will easily pick this up.

Store Workers– A background in retail is of course helpful but again not required. The store is well stocked with all kinds of camping needs, food, sundries, souvenirs and gifts. I have the trademark and copyright to Iron Mountain Road and our store is known as the Iron Mountain Road Visitor Center. We have everything from Shirts to Koozies with the Iron Mountain Road logo and people come from all over to get their souvenirs of this infamous road.

Housekeeping– is exactly what it is. We have 19-cabins on site, some are 2-day rental or 3-day rentals. We do not do daily housekeeping cleaning of occupied cabins; in fact, we do not go into a rented cabin. We do offer towel exchange if the customer sets the dirty items on the deck in the morning. You will be working in a brand-new housekeeping building which is centrally located to the cabins with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. All of our linens, bedspreads and towels are new as well as the equipment to clean them are new. Occasionally we have a big check out day and we have an all-hands-on deck day where everyone helps to make sure all of our cabins are ready for occupancy for check in time.

Maintenance– includes the typical mowing, trash removal, and general upkeep of the campground. This year maintenance will be involved in some well overdue maintenance and some cabins will need chinked, stained or painted, some decks will need some boards replaced, picnic tables sanded and stained. This may sound like a lot but we have the tools to make your life simple.

All the jobs– We will cross train all so that everyone will be able to help where help is needed. We do not operate a business where the, it’s not my duty or it’s not my job mentality is acceptable. We all work together and we help each other when needed. We say constantly that if you’re not doing what needs to be done, you’re working harder to not do the job than if you just did the job. You will work a 5-day work week about 6-7 hours a day with the exception of the Sturgis Rally. The Rally will bring the best out of all of us, We assure you. We try to schedule all couples to have two days off in a row but sometimes it is unavoidable and the following week that couple would be first on the list. Work requirement would be May 1st through mid September. We will need a couple pair of work campers to be able to stay through October and that can be determined up front or as the year progresses. Pay is $11.00/hour. You will be charged 4 hours per person per week for your site which will be deducted from the first hours you worked. We will pay $1.00 for each hour you worked upon departure and fulfilling our agreement, split tips amongst all employees. There were also other financial incentives we may give during the year for people based on performance. You will receive discounts through out the entire store You will also receive a VIP pass which will either give you free admission or reduced rates to the majority of attractions in the Black Hills.

In final, we listed a lot of items here, probably more than we should but that is who you will be dealing with. We strive for my workplace to be a fun place to be all while achieving the goal of getting the job done. We still have the customer is always right mentality, no matter how wrong they are. This job is a fun job and you will be at one of the prettiest places (in my opinion) in the world. You will meet some of the nicest people you will ever meet as well as make some new friends. There is one rule that is regulated strongly at Spokane Creek Cabins and Campground and that is, there is no room for drama so that would need to be left where ever it is you will be coming from. Thank you for your consideration and if you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact Brian’s mobile at 605-484-0023, feel free to text that number as well and if I miss your call please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I can or you can try Laura at 605-666-4609. Either way we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Website: http://spokanecreek.com


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