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Wiseheart Cat Rescue Is Looking For A Couple Or Individuals To Help In Ohio

Wiseheart Cat Rescue

Central Ohio 45 min south of Columbus in the village of Williamsport. Commitment of 2-4 months if possible. 1-2 people or a couple.
Break from the road, opportunity to repair camper, electric hookup, off street parking.
Accommodation only in exchange for 15-18 hours week. All utilities are paid, Wi-Fi included. You would need to provide your own food, and toiletries.

Accommodation is a 2 story brick building upstairs, with large fully furnished shared main space of a lounge and kitchen, bathroom, and 2 private bedrooms (one with a double bed, one with 2 twin beds and separate sitting room). There is also storage space and off street parking, and an outdoor patio. The living quarters are upstairs and the downstairs is an open warehouse/ storage area. The building is in a rural village, with various larger towns 20-35 min away.

I am a 61 years old woman who has traveled the world. I have many interesting stories to tell. I’m a massage therapist and herbalist. I came here during the pandemic to help my elderly friends and got caught up in helping the stray and feral cats. I have recently accepted a job that will take me away for weeks or months at a time and I need help with the cats and my elderly friend. I look forward to the company.

When I get called away, I need help caring for a feral-stray cat colony. When I am away, work includes twice daily feeding of the cats, this is a daily 7-day commitment of 45 minutes in the morning and evening (approx. 1.5 hour per day). You will share this space with me when I am home, and I will do most of the feeding, so you can relax.

All the cats in the colony are spayed and neutered. However occasionally, thoughtless folks drop cats in the neighborhood. If they need fixed I may need help trapping cats for veterinary care to be spayed/neutered.
There are currently 15 cats, 9 of these are friendly strays in which they can be petted and wonder in and out of the living space. The cat food is paid for by the owner of the property.

Occasionally, you may also be asked to assist, as needed, a senior lesbian woman who owns the property in town that I live in. She lives separately in her home 5 miles away (130 acre property is a conservation farm with a restored 125 year old log cabin, wetlands, prairie and woodlands with hiking trails along the Deer creek.) She is a 5th generation farmer and a conservationist. She has loads of great stories of the women’s and civil rights movements of the 60s in New York.. You will have an opportunity to meet local farmers who are family, friends and neighbors.

Occasional assisting this women may entail approximately 1-2 days a week (3 hours) or as needed, which may include just visiting and providing company, errands, simple maintenance help around her home (weeding gardens, painting, cleaning), etc.

You will need to help keep our living space neat and tidy (clean your dishes, vacuum, etc) . You may be providing up keep on the building you live in (mowing small lawn, clean up leaves in the fall, clear snow in winter, etc.) Some weeks you may put in 1 hour, other weeks 3 hours. You would not be responsible for paying for any maintenance and upkeep, and would be reimbursed for gas if you provide transportation.

You need to love cats, be mentally and emotionally mature, dependable, flexible, have reliable transportation and be financially independent. Some experience in do-it-yourself maintenance is preferred. Must be able to walk up and down an 18 step staircase many times a day, be able to kneel, and lift 25 lbs.

This would be a great for someone who works part-time from home, a writer, artist, retired, etc. There may be opportunities to locate part-time work within 10-25 minutes, but this is not guaranteed. There are many fun nature related activities within 2 hours drive and city fun in Columbus 45 minutes away.

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/cynthia.taylor.3939/


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