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Custom camper tiny home located in Parker, AZ

2021 Zeiman Custom Tiny Home/Camper
2021 Zeiman Custom Tiny Home/Camper
2021 Zeiman Custom Tiny Home/Camper
2021 Zeiman Custom Tiny Home/Camper

Excellent condition and ready to roll.
Zeiman trailer converted to personal Tiny Home camper
Twin bed loft with 5-layer memory foam mattress
Lots of storage interior/exterior
Plenty of lighting features throughout
Sink set up with water cooler directly above and double sill plug valve set up on exterior/interior wall also directly into the sink for alternative water hook up when available on site
Propane gas flush mounted countertop unit with big gas tank included. Easy light and very quick high temperatures for efficient meals
Bench seat lifts up to use a standard commode seat. Under is your choice of temporary facilities with proper sanitary disposable bags
More storage underneath the sink and bench seating area.
Huge storage under loft bed
Built-in cabinets with more storage and shelving all over unit
Total of 450-watt solar system. Two charger controllers. Two separate panel systems merged
Energy storage for solar are #2 oversized 1100 CCA Deep Cycle RV/Marine batteries for endless power usage
Run saw, sawzall, drills, amps, PA, and more with no loss of power just from the solar system
Cooler/refrigerator had fixed continuous drain installed to exterior. Never have to touch the inside to drain. The exterior of the cooler has been Foam Injected inside the lid and all around the entire bottom and sides for maximum coolest temperature savings
Cedar trim on the interior
Full floor carpeting loop pile commercial type
#2 Premium awning type windows. Both screened
#2 Electric outlets inside on walls wired directly into inverter plus
#1 Electrical outlet on the exterior wall is also connected together. 2000/4000 Watt Inverter installed
Additional heavy-duty electric cord permanently wired from exterior to interior to bypass solar and inverter completely if and when electric hookups are available and desired
Exterior 2″ Eye hook permanently attached at top of roof slope for cable/rope to hold if installing a canopy of your choice
Commercial Metal roofing with neoprene screws. Rust-Oleum paint on the exterior of the roof and trim
Insulated walls and ceilings
V-Nose toolbox permanently attached to the front of the unit
Lightweight and sturdy aerodynamic design for good mileage
Custom waterproofed, sealed, and painted 3+ coats
A new spare tire/rim is mounted on the frame.
2 new multi-ply rated tires/rims on unit
Portable stairs – two screws to assemble or disassemble
Locking door on the exterior with your choice of locks. The Interior has two types of locking systems Battery compartment and toolbox also have locks. Tool box comes with its own keys
Excellent lighting package on the exterior trailer frame. Looks great on the road.
Battery-operated lights on the interior
This is a unique Tiny Home.
Head turner wherever it is parked.
Clean Title In Hand
The asking price is $5,000
Send your inquiry to Griffin at .

2021 Zeiman Custom Tiny Home/Camper2021 Zeiman Custom Tiny Home/Camper

Harley Davidson Hauler Wells Cargo For Sale

Harley Davidson Hauler Wells Cargo For Sale
Harley Davidson Hauler Wells Cargo For Sale

Super clean custom made exclusively for Harley Davidson
Located at Parker, Arizona
Set up for single but could be modified
Locking wheel chock
Frame mounted tie downs
Tiered floor ramp interior
Lots of diamond plate
Winners circle tiled floor
Cabinets with locks
#2 big front air vents
#2 Medium air vents rear lower walls
Battery for lights when not plugged into the vehicle
Round 5-way connection
Round 5-way connection adapter for inline 4-way connection
Dark Green exterior base theme
Huge Harley Davidson name banners on the exterior
Fold down entire back door locking mechanism
Full-size side door locking mechanism
Chrome wheels
Full-size trailer tires 16″
Tires have plenty of tread left
Excellent spare tire and rim with cover
Diamond plate wide fenders
Heavy-duty tube frame powder coated
Extra large towing frame
Extra heavy-duty 2″ nose hitch cap totally welded
Heavy duty jack with wide base rectangular foot and additional wheel option – All Heavy Duty
The exterior top of the front wall has an aerodynamic poly bubble for hauling ease
Heavy-duty rivets and bolts, welds throughout
No leaks
They don’t make this anymore
Rare trailer
Show off at Sturgis or everywhere else
Ready to roll
No title just a Bill Of Sale
The asking price is $5,000
Let’s make a deal
Call Griffin at 818-813-2562

Harley Davidson Hauler Wells Cargo For Sale
Harley Davidson Hauler Wells Cargo For Sale
Harley Davidson Hauler Wells Cargo For Sale
Harley Davidson Hauler Wells Cargo For Sale
Harley Davidson Hauler Wells Cargo For Sale
Harley Davidson Hauler Wells Cargo For Sale

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