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Florida Work Camping, Work Camper, and Camp Host Jobs

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Tampa South RV Resort Is Looking For Year Round General Maintenance Work Campers In Florida

Tampa South RV Resort

Tampa South RV Resort is is a 130 site RV Park located near Tampa Bay’s south shore in Ruskin, Florida. At Tampa South, outstanding customer service is our primary goal. We are located on the Little Manatee River with direct access to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

We are recruiting for year-round General Maintenance Work Campers. Duties include general maintenance of the park and grounds, troubleshooting and providing solutions to issues and embracing a teamwork approach with not only with the staff, but with the Guests as well.

Compensation includes a FHU site, electric and propane stipends, and a storage site for extras or a boat, all in exchange for 25 hours per week and some periods of on-call.
Visit our website at tampasouthrvresort.com to see more.

Buckhead Ridge Resort Is Looking For An Assistant Manager Work Camper Couple In Florida $$

Assistant Manager/Work camper Couple needed for a small waterfront RV park near Lake Okeechobee, Florida. Part-time available now, Full-time starting October 15. Park is near the water with great fishing and heated swimming pool. Work Camper needs experience with PVC pipe repair, minor maintenance, minor electric repair. Position requires watching the grounds, taking reservations, check in guests, monitoring and keeping rental trailers in good condition, etc., whatever it takes for a successful camping experience. Compensation includes RV site, utilities, plus small salary. Hours will differ depending on the season worked.

Hidden River Resort Is A Clothing Optional Park Looking For A Single Or Couple In Florida

Hidden River ResortA beautiful 88 acre clothing optional park on the Fla/Ga line west of Jacksonville, Fla. Duties are mowing, bathhouse and pool maintenance and anything else that may crop up. I occasionally need a break so there is care and feeding 5 dogs while I am gone – I take 3 with me. Workampers are not required to be nude. This gig is for the spring and summer months – longer if you like us and we like you. No salary but a full hookup for 25 hours weekly. No bar, restaurant, clubhouse or laundry on site – wifi is sketchy
Please contact Billie: 912-843-2603

Website: www.hiddenriverresort.com

Pineglen Motorcoach And RV Park Is Looking For a Work Camper Couple In Florida $$

Pineglen Motorcoach And RV ParkPineglen Motorcoach & RV Park in Panama City Beach, FL is under new management and is seeking an enthusiastic couple with good work ethic to join our team from June 24, 2024, through Oct. 15, 2024. We are located about a mile from the beautiful Emerald Coast Beaches which are reported to be some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! We are close to Destin, Mexico Beach, Port St. Joe and not far from Tallahassee, Pensacola, and Apalachicola.

One person will be responsible for the usual housekeeping duties of cleaning restrooms/shower houses and common areas. This person will also be responsible for some office duties such as making reservations, answering phones, checking in/out guests and must have a friendly and welcoming demeanor.

The maintenance person should have basic electrical and plumbing skills, pool experience, knowledge of ground maintenance equipment and a willingness to help with various resort projects. This person will also be responsible for some housekeeping duties. Prefer someone who can multitask and is willing to go the extra mile should an emergency arise.

The positions are for 20 hours each person with the same hours and days off together so that you may enjoy all the area has to offer or just relax together. For compensation you will receive a full hookup RV site in a private staff area with a season end bonus.

Please take a look at our website PineglenRVPark.com and if interested please forward your resume along with your camper information and pictures to

Dove Rest RV and Mobile Home Park Is Looking For A Work Camping Couple In Florida $$

Dove Rest RV and Mobile Home ParkWe are seeking a work camping couple to help us out for a period of 2-3 months, 2 days a week in exchange for a free site with FHU, laundry and WiFi. A bonus will be paid at the end of the commitment. Hours and days are flexible.

Dove Rest RV Park is located in Marianna, FL and is conveniently accessible to I-10 which makes it accommodating to other areas of the panhandle such as Panama City, Mexico Beach, Destin, Pensacola, etc., and not far from Tallahassee and Dothan, AL.

We need one person for cleaning and upkeep of the laundry room, bathhouse and in and around the office and possibly light landscaping. Another person to work with our maintenance/grounds keeping team and should have basic electrical and plumbing skills and knowledge of lawn maintenance equipment. If you know how to run heavy equipment it would be a plus but is not necessary.

If interested, please forward a resume  to our email address, .
Website: http://www.doverestrv.com

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Overview of Florida work camping jobs and related opportunities

Florida offers a wide range of work camping jobs and related opportunities for individuals seeking to combine work and travel. Work camping jobs often involve living on site, and can include positions such as camp hosts, office managers, maintenance workers, and activity coordinators. These jobs provide individuals with a unique opportunity to experience Florida’s natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities while earning a living. In addition to work camping jobs, there are also opportunities related to tourism, hospitality, and other industries. With its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and diverse economy, Florida is a great destination for those looking to work and travel.

Florida Work Camping, Work Camper, and Camp Host Jobs

Work camping jobs in Florida are an attractive option for those seeking employment opportunities in the state. Work camping positions typically involve working in RV parks, campgrounds, or tourism-related businesses, with free or low-cost accommodation provided on-site. These jobs are often seasonal and ideal for retirees, students, or those seeking a flexible lifestyle. Work camping opportunities in Florida range from customer service to maintenance, and campground management roles. Work campers can enjoy some of the most beautiful and pleasant weather in the country while earning a living. Florida is also a popular tourist destination, which ensures plenty of job opportunities in the industry. Work camping jobs in Florida offer a unique and rewarding way to experience the state while earning a living.

Benefits of Work Camping, Work Camper, and Camp Host Jobs in Florida

Florida is known for its beautiful weather, stunning beaches, and endless vacation opportunities. However, for some individuals seeking employment, it can also be a place to build a stable career. Work camping, work camper, and camp host jobs in Florida offer a unique opportunity to work within the state’s vibrant tourism industry while also enjoying the benefits of living in a campsite or RV park. These jobs often come with free or discounted lodging, allowing individuals to save money on rent or mortgage payments. Additionally, work camper and camp host positions can provide a sense of community and connection to nature. For those with a love of the outdoors, working in a park or campground can offer a fulfilling lifestyle, and the opportunity to meet a diverse group of fellow campers and travelers. Overall, work camping and related positions in Florida offer a chance for individuals to work in a dynamic industry, while also enjoying the many benefits that come with living near some of the state’s most beautiful natural spaces.

Top Florida Work Camping, Work Camper, and Camp Host Employers

Work camping, also known as workamping, has emerged as a popular option for those who want to combine travel with work. The benefit of work camping lies in the flexibility and freedom that it provides. Workampers are able to live in their RVs and work for a campsite, typically at a campground or RV resort, without having to commit to a long-term lease.

In Florida, camp host positions are available for up to 16 weeks, or longer with one position, where workampers may take on roles such as maintenance, groundskeeping, retail, and general labor. Top employers in Florida for Camp Host positions include the various state parks, national parks, county parks, and local town and city-operated campgrounds. Employers often prefer couples as they get two workers per free campsite, but single-working campers are also becoming more prevalent. Work camping and camp hosting can be a rewarding aspect of full-time RV living, offering a chance to see new places, meet new people, and earn an income or minimize expenses while doing so.

Here are some resources to help you search for campground jobs in Florida:

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Camp Hosting at County, City and Town operated campgrounds in Florida

Lots Sales Work Camping Jobs in Florida

Living and Working in Florida as a Work Camper

Florida is a popular destination for individuals seeking to live and work as work campers or camp hosts. These positions involve assisting with campground operations and providing hospitality services to visitors. Camp hosts are responsible for tasks such as greeting guests, answering questions, and selling basic necessities. Workampers may also perform maintenance and cleaning tasks in addition to supporting park operations. Opportunities for these positions are frequent in Florida, and individuals can find job postings through job search websites or at specific locations. RV park management typically lives on-site, and camp hosts work with them to ensure a positive experience for guests. Those who are passionate about the outdoors and enjoy helping visitors have a fulfilling vacation will find these roles rewarding.

Work Camping Jobs and Camp Hosting in Florida: Pros and Cons

Work camping jobs and camp hosting are popular options for those seeking a way to travel while making money. For individuals looking for this type of opportunity in Florida, there are numerous options available. Work camping jobs can range from office and maintenance work to park ranger duties, while camp hosting involves managing the day-to-day operations of a campground or RV park.

One of the main advantages of work camping and camp hosting in Florida is the opportunity to explore the state’s breathtaking natural beauty, including its many beaches, forests, and wildlife preserves. Additionally, individuals can enjoy the warm weather and a variety of outdoor activities, such as fishing and hiking.

Another advantage of work camping and camp hosting is the chance to meet new people and form lasting relationships with fellow campers and employees. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who enjoy working in a social and collaborative environment.

However, there are also potential drawbacks to consider. Work camping and camp hosting jobs can require long hours and physically demanding work. Additionally, some jobs may not offer as much pay as other types of employment. Individuals must also be prepared to live in close quarters with fellow employees and campers, which can sometimes lead to conflicts or other challenges.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue work camping or camp hosting in Florida will depend on each individual’s unique situation and priorities. Those who enjoy outdoor activities, and social environments, and are comfortable with physical labor may find these types of jobs to be fulfilling and rewarding.

Tips on how to Apply for Work Camper and Camp Host Jobs in Florida

When applying for Work Camper and Camp Host jobs in Florida, it is important to follow a few tips to increase your chances of landing a position. First and foremost, candidates should research the area and the specific campground they are applying to in order to better understand the type of work and environment they will be in.

It may also be beneficial to network with current or past Work Campers and Camp Hosts to gain insider knowledge and potentially get a referral. When submitting an application, individuals should ensure that they highlight relevant experience and skills, as well as their passion for camping and the outdoors. It is also crucial to have a flexible schedule and be willing to work weekends and holidays.

Finally, candidates should follow up after submitting their application to express their continued interest in the position and thank the employer for their time. Following these tips can help job seekers stand out and increase their chances of being hired for a Work Camper or Camp Host position in Florida.


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