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Campground Job Listings By Employers That Hire RVers Over Multiple States

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Earning Money While You Travel

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• The job resources in this section of the website are organized into separate pages by state so that you are able to focus solely on the state where you want to work and enjoy the area. The jobs posted on each page are in order of the most recent job we received. We do not have the resources to categorize job listings by region, city, or type of work. The job listings you view on each state’s page are free for your use in locating a position that best meets your needs

•When employers submit their job listings we always ask that they let us know when their position(s) have been filled. Many employers let us know when they’ve hired the staff they need and we remove their ad as soon as possible, meaning usually within a few hours or less from their notification.

•Some employers choose to leave their ad active in order to continue getting applicants so, you will find more of those types of ads further down the state’s job page. There are employers who simply never let us know that they are ready to delete their ad and we eventually get around to removing those ads without asking their permission.

•If you aren’t getting a response to your job inquiry there a number of possible reasons:

  • The employer you’re trying to contact is no longer hiring and hasn’t communicated that fact to us so we can remove their ad.
  • Some employers are inundated with contacts from applicants and are in the process of trying to find the best match for their position. Thus, while the employer is making contact with suitable applicants, the resumes and inquiries continue to pour in leading to a somewhat protracted hiring process and, especially, when the start date for the position is months in advance.
  • It is quite common that information employers receive from applicants is either so vague, unintelligible, demanding, or just downright flaky that the employer never responds. Continuing to flog the employer with calls and emails will not endear you to the employer as a prospective work camper they want on their team.
  • Most employers are people like yourself with busy schedules and have unending tasks to complete, so keep that in mind if you don’t receive the attention and treatment you feel you ought to receive. On the other hand, you will encounter the occasional jerk and the best thing you can do is cross that employer off your list and move on to the next prospective job.

Most Recent Work Camper Job Listings

To help our visitors have immediate access to the jobs as we post them, we keep a running list of the jobs most recently received and posted which is great for people who aren’t interested in receiving our jobs newsletter that we send each day when one or more jobs are posted for that day.

Campground Job Listings By Employers That Hire RVers Over Multiple States

There are companies that manage campgrounds over many states and usually always have open positions. A small number of employers don’t operate campgrounds but are on the lookout for RVers who can move from job site to job site on a regular basis. Since these employers have so many jobs rotating from open to filled, it is easier to direct you to their website so you can investigate what jobs are currently available.

Canadian RV Campground Jobs

For our wonderful neighbors in Canada, we have a section reserved exclusively for work camping jobs offered to Canadian citizens. Most of the Canadian job submissions we receive are from Alberta and British Columbia. Since fewer jobs are submitted to us for New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Yukon, we’ve grouped them onto one page.

RV Transport Jobs

This section isn’t actually for the traditional work camper or camp host job. Rather, it is an actual part-time or full-time business for individuals interested in getting paid to use their tow vehicle to deliver RVs, or drive Motorhomes (also known as drive away) to a specific location. This involves getting yourself to the pickup location and back to your home after the RV has been delivered.

You will have to meet the specifications of the company you contract with. For example, you’ll have to have the appropriate driver’s license, usually a CDL, a particular type of insurance, in addition to drug screening, age, and physical requirements, and other specifications based on the company’s minimum standards as dictated by their insurance company.

If you will be using your tow vehicle for pickup and delivery, your vehicle will have to meet specific equipment requirements such as towing capacity, three-quarter or one-ton vehicle, dual rear wheels, weight rated fifth-wheel hitch, and 2 x 2 receiver hitch to name just a few of the minimum things you’ll generally have to have before you’re allowed to transport under contract.

Oilfield Gate Guard Jobs

Most, but not all, of the oilfield gate guard positions will be in Texas. Generally, you will be provided with a place to park your RV along with basic amenities. For couples, this usually means working separate shifts. In nearly all cases you will have to get a security license and have a background check, but the company will assist you with the details of licensing and other requirements.

Additional pages you may want to visit include:

Earning Money While You Travel – is a brief overview of trying to make ends meet while you’re on the road.

Commission Only Jobs – this webpage lists a handful of companies that offer a chance to make money while you travel and sell their products. The downside is that you may, or may not, earn enough money from selling their products to make ends meet. You should be both very confident in your personal sales ability and have faith that what you are selling has enough intrinsic value for you to sway potential customers into a purchase.

Jobs That Require an Investment – only a couple of listings are on this page, one for selling campground maps and KOA which is there because you have to pay a fee to join their jobs list.

Volunteer Camp Host Opportunities

This section of the website includes information about camp host volunteering for your campsite. Some of the sections are broken into more than one web page and include Canada camp host jobs and in the US, volunteer jobs for State Parks, City and County Parks. Some basic information is also provided about U.S. Forest Service, Wildlife Refuge, National Park Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Bureau of Land Management camp hosting positions.

One of the problems we encounter with the volunteer camp host pages centers on the fact that nearly all the governmental agencies frequently change the locations of their web pages making it difficult to keep up with broken links. Basically, you click on a link at one of our volunteer camp host pages and you don’t see the information you expected because the governmental agency has changed the location of the page on their website.


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