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What You Will Find On This Page About RV Delivery Jobs:

1.List of RV Transport Companies That Contract With Drivers
2.What is an RV Transport Job?
3.What is required to get hired?
4.How much driving experience do you have to have?
5.What equipment do you need?
6.What if you only want to deliver Motorhomes?
7.Can you actually make money transporting RVs?

Items numbered 2 through 7 are further down this web page below the list of RV Transport companies.

Transporting motorhomes, fifth-wheels, and camper trailers is a viable way to make a little extra money. Below you will find some resources I have located that you can investigate.


List of RV Transport Companies That Contract With Drivers

Classic Transport, Inc.

Classic TransportClassic Transport is looking for qualified drivers to deliver RVs and utility trucks from our yards here in Indiana to dealerships all over the country. It’s a great way to get paid to travel and see parts of our great nation that maybe you’ve never seen before.

If you love to drive and want to get paid to do what you love, give us a try! Check out our website at www.ClassicTransport.com to see what all the fuss is about. You can also find us on Facebook, or contact Recruiting at or call us toll-free at 866-724-1606.

What are you waiting for? We’d love to show you how to live the dream when you drive for Classic Transport.

Mapletree Transportation – RV Transport Drivers Needed

Mapletree Transportation has been transporting RV’s since 1997. If there is a way to transport RV’s, Mapletree is doing it. Everything from a pickup truck hauling a travel trailer or fifth wheel to driving class A and class C units and even transporting multiple units on specialized trailers – Mapletree gets the job done.

Check us out at www.mapletreetransportation.com and fill out an application.

Here are links to other companies that hire RV Transporters:



Southeastern Trailershttp://www.southeasterntrailers.com/index.html




http://gatewayrvtransport.com – click on the Drivers menu item for more information


https://www.patriotautotransport.com/services/rv-transport – click on the Want To Drive For Us? link at the bottom of their web page to apply.


Please send an email to if one of the links above does not work.

First, a bit of important disclosure before you get started reading the additional sections down below. Although I have worked a wide range of jobs, RV delivery was never one of them. It is an occupation I find interesting and have thus done a fair amount of research on the topic. Read the information below with the understanding that it is only an introduction to the topic, not an authoritative guidebook, and in any circumstances, you will need to do your own due diligence.

2.What is an RV Transport Job?

Technically, an RV Transport Job really isn’t a job at all unless you work directly for one of the RV manufacturers or a very large RV Dealership. The vast majority of RV Transport companies actually contract, or sub-contract, with you as an independent contractor and you do not earn a regular paycheck. Instead, you get paid for services you render for the company, with the service you provide is the delivery of an RV from one location to another.

Essentially, you will be operating your own small business as a self-employed individual. Like any other business, you will need to earn enough revenue to pay for licensing, insurance, travel expenses, repairs, tools, and miscellaneous supplies, all of which are needed to keep your business afloat.

If you sign a contract with one of the RV Transport companies you’ll want to make an appointment with a tax accountant to get the most updated advice about what record-keeping tasks are essential, what expenses you can legally deduct as an independent transporter and advice about the ramifications of being self-employed and paying self-employment taxes. You man even want to discuss whether you ought to establish a Limited Liability Company to shield your other assets should you be involved in an accident that isn’t fully covered by insurance.

Many of the RV Transport companies will likely work with you in all aspects of running your business to help to avoid pitfalls, so be sure to take advantage of all the services and advice the company offers as support for your business.

Since Indiana is one of the primary locations where RVs are manufactured in the United States, you’ll discover that most of the RV Transport companies are located in Indiana. So, guess where you’ll be picking up most of the RVs you will be delivering.

3.What is required to get hired?

As you review the sample list below keep in mind that each RV Transport Company will have its own set of requirements. So, don’t panic if some of the items seem to exclude you because the items below are nothing more than a general guideline.

•Age: Generally, the acceptable age ranges are 25 years old up to 70.

•Physical condition: For most positions, you will need to pass a DOT physical exam.

•Drug Screening: Usually required.

•Once you’re under contract, you may have to provide up to $500,000 or more of your own liability insurance that shows the RV Transport as an additional insured.

•Driving Record: RV Transport companies aren’t keen on contracting with individuals who have DUI, at fault accidents within several years, or a specified number of “points” on your recent driving record. So, a clean driving record will go a long way to getting your contract.

•Drivers License: Most, but not all, companies will require a CDL meeting a class rating designated by the Transport company.

•Other Miscellaneous Requirements: Most companies will insist that you have either a hands-free cell phone or nationwide pager in order to keep in contact with the RV Transport company’s dispatcher. Some companies may require that you have enough cash available through an ATM, or enough open limit on a credit card in case you are stranded for some reason.

It would be advantageous for you to obtain a copy of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and familiarize yourself with records you will be required to keep. There is a good chance that the RV Transport company you contract with may provide a free copy for you.

4.How much driving experience do you have to have?

This will vary between companies, but many expect you to have experience towing travel trailers and fifth-wheel RVs. For drive-away contracts, you’ll need to have large vehicle experience to deliver motorhomes.

5.What equipment do you need?

If you are seeking drive-away gigs such as delivering Motorhomes, you will need a means of getting to the pick-up point and then a way to get home after the rig is delivered. Some people have a vehicle appropriate for towing behind the Motorhome. Many of the Motorhome pick up and delivery work involves transporting the Motorhome on a heavy-duty vehicle.

Individuals intending to use their pickup to tow RVs will usually have minimum equipment requirements to meet and each Transport company’s requirements may vary greatly from the sample information listed in this section. There are Transport companies that need smaller lightweight rigs delivered and their requirements may be far less stringent than the ones listed below:

•You will find that for towing larger RVs and fifth-wheel travel trailers you will have to have a one-ton or three-quarter ton truck. Many Transport companies prefer late-model diesel engine trucks with an eight-foot truck bed, so if you have an older model pickup you’ll need to have a more in-depth discussion about your tow vehicle.

•Attached tailgates may be required to be “V” type to accommodate fifth-wheel trailers.

•Mud flaps.

•Dual or high-capacity fuel tanks.

•Some companies recommend a gooseneck hitch for backhauls and towing equipment trailers.

•Electric brake controller with the capacity to tow an RV that has six brakes.

•For towing fifth-wheel RVs you will be required have to have a suitable electrical connection in the truck bed. Additionally, you may need a fifth-wheel hitch rated for gross towing weight up to 30,000 pounds.

•An electrical connection for travel trailers will need to be located near the hitch ball. The hitch receiver will usually need to be rated up to 10,000 pounds with an appropriate-sized hitch ball.

•Wide towing mirrors.

•Your vehicle will need a current DOT inspection.

The list above covers many of the most important equipment needs, however, there will be other miscellaneous requirements not mentioned above and those will be explained to you by the company you sign with.

6.What if you only want to deliver Motorhomes?

That is certainly possible. Motorhome delivery is a large part of the RV Transport industry. You’ll need licensing and insurance as determined by the company that retains you for drive-away work. If you don’t drive the Motorhome you will have to use a truck suitable for loading the rig onto a vehicle bed, deliver the RV to the consumer’s location and unload the rig. As mentioned earlier, if you are driving the Motorhome you will have to have a means of transportation to arrive at the pick-up point and a way to return home once the delivery is completed.

7.Can you actually make money transporting RVs?

Whether or not you can actually make money delivering RVs is worth a bit of intensive consideration. Although, as I mentioned earlier, I have never personally done that type so I cannot impart any practical advice based on experience.

There are numerous trucking forums online where individuals debate the merits of whether RV delivery as a business is worthwhile or not. Many individuals are adamantly against the idea and propose that it is a quick way to wear out a truck. Then, there are individuals who state that they make a decent living delivering RVs.

As with anything in life, no one can absolutely guarantee you a successful outcome when you’re running your own business. Before you commit to a contract, be bold enough to ask the RV Transport company what they know about the business practices of the successful individuals working with their company and take as much detailed advice they can offer that will help you run a profitable RV delivery business.

The Transport company should be eager to help get you off on the right foot and succeed because there is a nationwide shortage of RV delivery drivers and being able to retain dependable drivers is definitely in their best interest.


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