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About Will and Alicia Smith, the Full-Time RVing Happy Vagabonds

Vagabond – A person without a permanent home who moves from place to place.

From Will and Alicia Smith, hello to all our friends and visitors. We want to welcome you to experience the savory delights of the full-time RV camping lifestyle from our perspective. Rather than putting a photo gallery here, you will find photos of a few of our travels scattered throughout this website.

Waterfall in Yellowstone National Park. We were camped at the Fishing Bridge RV Park

Waterfall in Yellowstone National Park. We were camped at the Fishing Bridge RV Park

We began our RV’ing journey on a clear, cool morning on July 12, 1993. Our first destination was Florida. Below is a small sample of our travels. By no means is this list complete.

•The beaches of Anastasia Island just south of St. Augustine, FL
•St. Augustine, Florida
•Disney World and Epcot Center
•Seaworld in Orlando
•Clean beautiful beaches in Indian Rocks Beach, FL
•Alligators in Yamassee, SC
•Smokey Mountains in North Carolina
•Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
•Gettysburg National Park
•Adirondiac Park in upstate New York
•Niagria Falls
•Ozark Mountains
•Rocky Mountains
•Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks
•Oregon and California Coast
•Gulf Islands National Park
•Redwood Forests
•Grand Canyon
•Sedona, AZ
•Carlsbad Caverns
•Sunsets on Lake Ontario
•Friends from sea to shining sea
•Southern Canada
•South Padre near Brownsville, Texas
•And far too many other wonderful places to mention here

Many people thought we were nuts to drive off into the sunset without a clue as to how we would provide for ourselves. No home, no retirement account accumulating, and no steady job.

No, it is not for everyone. No, it has not been perfect. Yes, there was uncertainty, doubt, and plenty of fears. Having lived the dream, it has been well worth the price for us. We still love the “let’s see where we wake up tomorrow” approach. RV’ing has given us the best of all worlds. We sincerely hope it can do the same for you.

We often get questions about what we are doing now. Well, Alicia and I went to Flordia for a few months and enrolled in the Bob Ross Art Instructor training program. We are now certified to teach the Bob Ross Joy of Painting® technique. If you get bored and just need something to do, take a look at our Bob Ross style oil paintings. Since I am not much of a teacher, Alicia does all the teaching and I squirt out the paint and fetch coffee. I spend some of my time maintaining the few websites I have built over the years and have begun focusing on writing fiction.

Will and Alicia Smith, the completely Happy Vagabonds





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