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Estancia, New Mexico – Full hookup 3 RV lots for rent on a 5 Acre lot

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Estancia, New Mexico RV Lots For Rent – 5 AC lot near Estancia NM. The property is fenced and has a gate with an automatic opener. There are 3 RV pads with full hookups. The plug is 50 amps. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the property. Each pad will accommodate any large RV and truck. There is lots of space for additional parking of guest cars or trucks. There is an EV charger onsite with 50 amp service. There is not much to see in the way of trees or scenery but the pads are solid and functional. Just minutes from Estancia NM. Dollar General Family Dollar and gas stations. There is a great restaurant in town. Excellent food. Call for pricing. Long-term or daily rates are available.
Call Shiloh at 505 227 1825.

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Exploring Torrance County and Estancia, New Mexico: A Comprehensive Guide for RV Campers

Welcome to the captivating landscapes of Torrance County and the charming town of Estancia in New Mexico! If you’re an RV enthusiast who has chosen this stunning region for your camping adventure, you’re in for a treat. From natural wonders to cultural experiences, Torrance County and Estancia offer a plethora of activities and events that will make your RV camping trip truly unforgettable. Here’s a detailed guide to help you make the most of your time here.

Exploring Torrance County: Natural Beauty and Outdoor Adventures

Torrance County is a hidden gem in the Land of Enchantment, boasting diverse landscapes and a wealth of outdoor activities. As an RV camper, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the following experiences:

  1. Manzano Mountains State Park: Lace up your hiking boots and embark on scenic trails that wind through the Manzano Mountains. Manzano Mountains State Park offers a range of trails suitable for various fitness levels, leading you to breathtaking viewpoints and serene alpine meadows.
  2. Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument: Discover the historical and cultural heritage of the region by exploring the well-preserved ruins of three mission churches. The Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument offers a glimpse into the history of the Pueblo people and Spanish colonization.
  3. Estancia Valley: Take a leisurely drive through the picturesque Estancia Valley, where you’ll be treated to stunning vistas of rolling hills, vibrant fields, and clear blue skies. This is a prime area for photography and relaxation.
  4. Stargazing: Torrance County is renowned for its dark skies, making it a prime destination for stargazing. Set up your telescope or simply lay back and marvel at the beauty of the cosmos above.
  5. Fishing and Bird Watching: The area is home to several lakes and reservoirs where you can enjoy fishing for trout, bass, and more. Birdwatchers will also be delighted by the variety of bird species that call this region home.

Estancia, New Mexico: A Quaint Town with Rich History

Nestled within Torrance County, Estancia is a charming town that offers a blend of history, culture, and small-town charm. Here are some activities to consider in and around Estancia:

  1. Estancia Valley Winery: Indulge in a wine-tasting experience at the Estancia Valley Winery, where you can savor locally produced wines while soaking in the rustic atmosphere and scenic views.
  2. Estancia Valley Classical Academy Arboretum: If you’re a nature enthusiast, visit the arboretum to explore a wide variety of trees and plants. The Estancia Valley Classical Academy Arboretum is a peaceful spot for a stroll and a picnic.
  3. Local Events and Festivals: Check the local event calendar for fairs, rodeos, and community festivals that might be taking place during your stay. These events provide insight into the town’s culture and traditions.
  4. Dining and Shopping: Estancia offers charming local eateries and boutiques where you can sample regional cuisine and shop for unique souvenirs.
  5. Historical Walking Tour: Take a leisurely stroll through the town to discover its historic buildings, including the Estancia Harvey House Museum, which offers a glimpse into the area’s railroad history.

Tips for RV Camping in the Area:

  1. Pack Essentials: Ensure you have all the essentials for RV camping, including water, food, camping gear, and first aid supplies.
  2. Respect Nature: Follow Leave No Trace principles and respect local wildlife. Stay on designated trails and follow camping regulations to preserve the natural beauty of the area.
  3. Weather Preparedness: Be prepared for changing weather conditions, especially in the mountains. Pack layers of clothing to stay comfortable.
  4. Camping Reservations: While you’ve secured your RV lot, some campgrounds may require reservations. Plan ahead to ensure a smooth camping experience.
  5. Connect with Locals: Don’t hesitate to strike up conversations with locals and fellow campers. They might have insider tips and recommendations to enhance your stay.

Your RV camping adventure in Torrance County and Estancia, New Mexico, promises an array of activities, events, and natural wonders that cater to a wide range of interests. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking relaxation, this region has something for everyone. Embrace the stunning landscapes, immerse yourself in local culture, and create lasting memories as you explore the enchanting beauty of this corner of the Southwest.


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