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Before You Buy An RV Lot there are many factors you need to consider before you commit to purchasing an RV Lot. Although many of the RV sites and lots for sale are listed as deeded RV lots for sale by the owner, the vast majority of these properties are located within a developed campground and you will want to know about the rules, fees, and limitations imposed by the campground or POA/HOA committee. Below is a starting place for you to begin compiling your investigation:

1. Are there additional POA and HOA monthly or annual fees? These fees can range from a hundred dollars per year to many thousands annually.

2. What limits are imposed on your RV?

•Is there an age limit for your RV?
•Is there a size limit for your rig?
•Are you permitted to have a pull-type travel trailer or are you limited to class A motorhomes?

3. Can you live on your lot all year, or only for a limited period of time?

4. What amenities are included, or do they cost extra? For example, sometimes water, sewer and trash are included. Other facilities may require you to pay the local utility company to come out and install a water tap or electrical box. Some places charge extra for you to use facilities such as the pool, workout room, etc.

5. If there are HOA/POA fees, have they set aside funds for regular repairs. If the facility is aging, the sewer system may need costly upgrades and if reserve funds have not been accumulated then you may be surprised with a major increase in your monthly or annual fees.

6. How much are real estate taxes, property tax, licensing and other hidden fees?

7. Are you responsible for mowing and landscaping or is that included as part of your benefits?

8. What restrictions are imposed for pet owners and are there additional pet fees?

9. Is this an age-limited park that prohibits children, and if so, what are the restrictions on temporary visitors?

You should take the time to read all the campground/POA/HOA documents very carefully so you are making the most informed decision possible. Best of luck finding your perfect RV property.


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