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Saint George, Georgia RV Lot For Rent

Saint George, Georgia RV Lot For RentYour chance to try off-grid living…Rv lots available…These are off-grid lots. Please read the entire description before replying.


Lots are off-grid. No electric company. You will need solar panels with a battery pack and or backup generator for electric supply.
We can and will be willing to help set up your solar, we also can help with finding low-cost panels. This is a bit of upfront cost but saves in long run on electric cost.

We can supply the panels and system, but the monthly cost will be more.
You get a better deal supplying your own.

Water- there is a well for a water source, at this time all RVs will need a freshwater holding tank, this can be and usually is built into the RV already or can supply an external tank. Tanks can be filled with the well for holding freshwater supply when needed.

Septic- RV will need a septic holding tank or an external septic holding tank. Tanks will be pumped as needed.

This will be how it is at this time, later we will have the water hooked directly to RVs and the septic will have all external septic holding tanks for pump out.

We do not allow chemicals or chemical pesticides on the property. Gardening and permaculture are welcome, just keep in mind NO Chemicals or commercial fertilizers, or chemical pesticides.

Healthy chickens and small livestock ( rabbits etc) are welcome. Cats, we ask they are contained to your RV or outdoor cattery ( this is to prevent issues with free-roaming cats). Dogs, we ask they are contained to your RV and lot/ yard, if walking dog outside of your lot we ask they be leashed.

The local school is good. The bus picks up at the driveway end.

Weekly trash pick-up is available.

Lots are $295 per month first and last with a $175 deposit. ( $765 to move your RV onto the lot)
Cat deposit $20 ea dog deposit $50 each
This helps to cover if they damage property and helps ensure pets will be properly contained.

Located 35-45 minutes from Jacksonville, Fl or Lake City, FL
45 min Fernindina Beach, FL
1.45 hr from Cumberland Island, GA

12- 15 minutes from Macclenny, FL. 20 minutes from Baldwin, FL
in Saint George, Ga just outside of the Okefenokee Swamp.

We do not age restrict RVs, however, we do require they look decent. We also require your lot to be kept neat. No trash. We do understand some use older trailers to remodel with updates and repair, we are ok with this as long as it is not a mess or trash.

Send your inquiry to Tricia at native2tropic@gmail.com.


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